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    Fujima USA is a wholesale, global distributor of smoking products and accessories for businesses of all types and sizes. As a subsidiary of East West Trading Corp, Fujima USA has grown rapidly with the expansion and development of the industry, developing into one of the preferred global smoking supply stores. Fujima USA: wholesale pipe and cigarette smoking accessories operates online for easy ordering and global convenience, while dedicated sales and service teams ensure each order is promptly and properly fulfilled. Fujima USA is dedicated to the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Through quality product distribution, remarkable selection, convenience, service and affordable pricing, Fujima USA delivers a quality buying and smoking experience across the purchasing chain.

    Since 1971, Fujima USA and East West Trading Corp have given customers around the globe everything they need to enjoy and deliver a fun, clean and relaxing smoking experience. East West Trading Corp began with a small list of products serving local retailers in Chicago, and has since grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise supporting operations all over the world. Lucienne and Diplite are also registered trademarks of East West Trading Corp, and sister brands of Fujima USA. Each product carries the superior operational efficiency, affordability and quality construction East West Trading Corp extends to every product and every store. East West Trading Corp and Fujima USA supply these distinguished names, as well as many other popular smoking brands such as Zippo, BIC , D’Jeep and many others.

    Fujima USA makes nearly any smoking accessory and novelty readily available online to any outlet. Supplies and accessories for cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, pipes and electronic cigarettes of all kinds are available online in commercial quantities to complete or compliment your inventory. Fujima USA accommodates stores and audiences of all times by offering a complete list of smoking products. Each item is affordably priced and blends easily with inventories of all types. Handsome cigar cases, tobacco pipes, cutters and flasks make popular additions to cigar shops, tobacco outlets, wine shops and gift stores. Ashtrays, snuffers, odor eliminators, incense sticks and cigarette cases all move fast at discount cigarette outlets, smoke shops, retailers and novelty shops. Finally, modern and trending smoking apparatuses like hookahs and electronic cigarettes are a great way to diversify any smoking store, while other miscellaneous favorites like sunglasses, corkscrews, bottle openers and a wide array of lighters are easy to add to nearly any convenience store or smoke shop.

    Fujima USA serves shops around the world with the same attention to detail and impeccable quality as it puts into every product. Tobacco shops, cigarette stores, retailers and other wholesalers across North America and increasingly in Eastern Europe and South America all depend on Fujima USA for quick shipping, reliable quality and consistent service. Fujima USA’s products translate into superior customer satisfaction around the world and continually deliver an exceptional smoking experience to customers in all shops and industries. All sales are supported by a team of excellent sales representatives and every purchase is maintained by professionally trained technicians that seek out and eliminate defects. Fujima USA and all East West Trading Corp subsidiaries communicate with and maintain relations with each customer throughout their order and beyond. While you stock your shelves and sell your Fujima USA products, you can contact your sales representative at any time to report any problems or inquiries.

    Fujima USA is continually developing, from adaptive customer relations to new products and convenient ordering technology. By leveraging new technology and integrating with new trends, Fujima USA puts every client on the cutting edge of the market. Through exclusive brand sales and partnerships with prominent companies, Fujima USA optimizes supply chain management from top to bottom. Easy online search and ordering tools allow you to customize your order to suit your purchasing needs while interconnected shipping operations optimize speed and efficiency throughout delivery. At every step, from product creation, to selection, ordering and delivery, you receive the greatest value with the most cost-effective alternatives. By ordering your smoking supplies and accessories from a single convenient location, you also save valuable time that you can focus on expanding your enterprise and better serving your customers.

    By registering with Fujima USA, you not only get access to hundreds of diverse smoking products, hot new items and affordable prices, but you also join a growing worldwide network of producers, distributors and retailers in the tobacco industry. With dozens of leading brands and hundreds of items available at wholesale prices, you can stock your entire accessory and new arrivals section from one convenient online location. Learn more about Fujima USA and East West Trading Corp online or call to speak directly with a helpful team member. Take a look at the online catalog for more information about products available. Call 1-800-621-3635 for inquiries within the US or 1-773-930-3159 internationally to contact Fujima USA.

    For more information on products & prices, visit www.FujimaUSA.com or www.Lucienne.com